What is Sketchbook to Style Boot Camp?

Sketchbook to Style Boot Camp is my step-by-step system designed to guide you through the journey of starting a sketchbook practice to discover your unique artistic style and voice.

Sketchbook to Style Boot Camp is a 15 module digital course that walks you through exactly how to begin your sketchbook practice, commit to a creative habit, and use that sketchbook to unleash your inner artist.

  • Available 24/7 and all content is digital and downloadable
  • Guides you through the entire journey from blank page to filled book
  • Motivates and inspires
  • Community of artists going along with you to help support, encourage, and share!

What’s included in Sketchbook to Style Boot Camp?

Sketchbook to Style Boot Camp includes instant access to:

  • 15 Informative, Inspirational, and Motivational Modules
  • 4 Special Bonuses
  • Exclusive Bonus Video: My 11 Year Sketchbook Journey—A potentially embarrassing (for me) look into all my sketchbooks, from 2006 until 2017. Most of these pages haven't been seen by anyone and you'll get a first hand deep look into how my style has progressed and grown through my sketchbooks over the past 11 years! This is something personal and special that I've never shared anywhere else before.


As soon as you enroll, you'll get immediate access to the entire course, all bonuses and My Sketchbook Journey.

  • Lifetime access, available 24/7, all digital and downloadable
  • Course content is available as video + slides (MP4) and slides (PDF)
  • 30 day 100% money back guarantee

Student Showcase

We have an amazing community of creatives who are discovering and developing their artistic styles every day!

"I’m actually enjoying the sharing because the feedback is helping me see my style."

"I forget that with drawing the possibilities are endless. There are no restrictions. Thank you for the amazing workshop assignments so far. I’m finding my style and enjoying myself while pushing myself not to give up."

"I just realized I'm few assignments away fom completion. This has been an amazing journey."

–Stephanie N.

"I’m also super excited and relieved I’ve found Might Could Studios. Christine’s work is inspirational. Her lessons are thoughtfully written to help artists along with their own journey to where that might be. She's super sweet, personable, human, and just a joy to work with and I’m so glad she part of my life and my journey."

"Never had a sketch book embarrassing enough and now that has changed."

"Since starting with book camp with Christine... you can clearly see where I begin to totally loosen up and scribble. It is liberating."

"It wasn’t until Christine have I found more confidence in myself."

"I don't ever want it to end."

–Linda Z.

Class Curriculum

  9. Uncovering Our Ideas
Available in days
days after you enroll
  15. Wrapping Up
Available in days
days after you enroll

Sketchbook to Style Boot Camp is Different Than Other Art Classes.

There are countless “How to Draw” classes and videos on the internet. What I’m teaching in this course is something much deeper—something that pushes the boundaries of artmaking. If those other How-To classes are like learning to play technically-correct, traditional, Classical music—this class is like learning to play Jazz. It’s about self-expression, individuality, improvisation and above all, style.

As Pablo Picasso said,

"Style is the difference between a circle and the way you draw it."

This class is not about perspective, tone, shading, lighting, or color theory. I’m not going to show you how to draw a circle. I’m going to guide you down the path so you can find how you draw a circle. I don’t want to teach you my style, I want to teach you to find your style.

This course guides you through every part of the sketchbook journey step-by-step: what tools, the blank page, paying attention, looking inside, developing a habit, doing the work, and drawing from daily life and how to keep up this creative habit for life.

Are you one of those folks who say you can't draw? Guess what! I believe everyone can draw! And learning to draw in your own style is sometimes even easier for people who haven't spent years trying to "learn" how to draw the "right" way. Included in the course are basic drawing tips and techniques.

Student Showcase

We have an amazing community of creatives who are discovering and developing their artistic styles every day!

...my hand fell into an enjoyable flow of its own, before my brain could get a chance to say, 'What the hey?!'"

“Milestone! Today I sat down to draw, in pen, without caring about the outcome. I was at peace and felt like whatever would be would be. These [drawings] were not for one of the assignments, but ARE a result of doing the course! :) ”

–Samantha L.

"I had a lot of fun doing these! And thank you for all the wonderful feedback on our progress. This group is very encouraging and positive. It's making me want to do more daring sketches and I'm finding this all kind of therapeutic."

-Carol C.


How a sketchbook can help you find your voice

Sketchbooks let you tap into your instincts, drop your worries, and inject a playful enjoyment into the act of drawing.

It’s about getting out of a final artwork, planned out artwork, perfection expectation frame of mind. We will fill our sketchbooks with new ideas, old memories, people we love, things we love, our daily life, and imagination.

Our sketchbooks will be a visual representation of our minds and hearts and our Self. It will be a means to an end (the joy creativity brings us) and a source for new ideas and projects.

It will be the key to developing your style of drawing, and learning how to draw like you.
Once you really commit to your sketchbook practice, and follow through... you’ll never experience drawing the same again.

Plus a Supportive Community of Artists!

Need some accountability, inspiration, and feedback on your work? The Sketchbook to Style PRIVATE Facebook group (which you will get access to with your enrollment) will have other like-minded students at all different stages of the sketchbook to style process, sharing their assignments, sketchbook pages, problems, and successes! And I'll be in there sharing all my assignments and chatting around as well!

This course is is taught with an upbeat, love-to-draw, fun, positive attitude. But! I'm also not afraid to give it to you straight, pull you up off that wallowing couch, and push you towards your drawing desk to get busy and do the work!


Who this Class is For

  • Creatives who have never been able to keep up a consistent sketchbook practice
  • Creatives who feel lost, confused, or frustrated when they draw
  • Creatives who are tired of not knowing what their artistic style is
  • Creatives who haven’t discovered how to make art that feels like them
  • Creatives who want to develop and commit to a creative habit
  • Creatives who want to learn to draw more, love to draw more, have more ideas, and more confidence in their art!
  • Creatives who draw a lot but are ready to up their game and elevate their art!
  • Creatives who want to draw consistently and find their style, but need the accountability and assignments to guide them along
  • Creatives good at drawing technically, but feel like your art is missing something unique?
  • Creatives that have been told their artwork is stiff, or needs to be more dynamic.

Who this Class is Not For

  • People who do not like being creative
  • People who think making art is a waste of time
  • People who are looking for a course dedicated to art fundamentals like perspective, shading, or anatomy
  • People who are looking to learn how to make money quick from their art
  • People who expect to find their artistic style without putting in the work and effort
  • People who don’t like inspiration, open-mindedness, and positive vibes!

Student Showcase

We have an amazing community of creatives who are discovering and developing their artistic styles every day!

"Though I've taken collegiate-level art and drawing courses before, I had a really tough time being proud of my every-day drawings before finding Christine's classes. I can truly say she has been an integral part of finding my confidence as an artist so far."

"I have been drawing every day!! I know for a fact that what I've learned in just the first 5 sections of this bootcamp is what has given me the confidence to take on a daily challenge like this. Before I would have spent hours agonizing over the look of each of these guys, now they just seem to flow. <3 <3"

–Kara C.

"Wow, this has been quite a ride... the first tracing felt like it'll take me ages... by the third one, the big-picture process became the exciting part, planning out where to draw the lines from, what order to take etc. Now it's 4:39 AM -- I better call it a night!" –Matej J.

Your Instructor

Christine Nishiyama
Christine Nishiyama

Hallo! I’m Christine, an illustrator and artist at Might Could Studios.

I make books and comics, and I draw a whoooole lot. Throughout the past 3 years, I’ve taught over 40,000 aspiring and established artists, helping them learn new skills, grow more confident, and develop their unique artistic styles.

I’ve been drawing for over 20 years and have been drawing as my full-time career for over 5 years. My core belief is that art is good and we should all make more of it. I want to encourage you to make more art, and help you find the way you want to make it.

4 Special Bonuses!

The Ultimate Sketchbook Assignment Checklist

  • All the assignments from the course, designed into a beautiful, printable checklist so you can track your progress and remember which ones you enjoy most!
  • This checklist will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed during the course, and keep you organized, accountable, and on track to complete the journey.
  • PDF download

Master Sketchbook Tools + Materials List

  • My top recommended tools (both cheap and high-end options!) to keep your art up to par!
  • Clickable PDF download

My Personal Book List for Crafting Your Own Art Education

  • I’ve learned more from reading constantly about art than I have from any video tutorial.
  • Here I list out all the best books I’ve read, weeding out the ones I don’t think are worth the time, leaving you with a goldmine of knowledge and inspiration.
  • Clickable PDF download

Sketchbook to Style Boot Camp PRIVATE Facebook Group

  • Accountability, encouragement, feedback, sharing, asking questions… all in a community of other positive artists all at different stages in their artistic journeys!
  • Plus, I’ll be going through all the assignments in a new sketchbook along with you and posting photos of each page in the Facebook group, and I encourage you to do the same! I also might drop in to draw a sketchbook page on Facebook Live!
  • I’ll also drop in every now and then for Studio Time where we can draw together, and announce Office Hours where you we can have a live Q+A session!


Extra Bonus!

My 11 Year Sketchbook Journey

A potentially embarrassing (for me) insider look into all my sketchbooks, from 2006 until 2017. Most of these pages haven't been seen by anyone and you'll get a first hand deep look into how my style has progressed and grown through my sketchbooks over the past 11 years! This is something personal and special that I've never shared anywhere else before.

This exclusive sneak peek video is yours free as part of this limited-time special offer to enroll in Sketchbook to Style Boot Camp (the video is already uploaded to your account and you will see it when you login after you enroll).

Student Showcase

We have an amazing community of creatives who are discovering and developing their artistic styles every day!

"[Drawn] whilst resisting the temptation to control everything. When I switch my brain off and let myself just draw, I am frequently struck by how differently my head would have done the same job."

"OK, Christine Nishiyama, I think that you have already proven to me that I DON'T need to sketch everything in pencil first and that just going for it with a non-erasable pen is also wild fun.”

"It's refreshing to make mistakes and then think: 'Ok, whatever, that's funny' instead of taking it all too seriously. Thank you again Christine Nishiyama!"

–Jane B.

"Having a blast with these! Resisting the urge to research and plan everything out is hard for me but it has definitely led to some happy accidents that teach me more about myself!”

–Rebeka J.

"I always learn something new from Christine. I think my favorite part about her teaching style is how she breaks things down visually and in a simple and conversational way. I am visual and need step by steps which can be hard to find when it comes to teaching art style and art concepts. When I implement her teachings from composition to dynamic gestures, my art always improves and my confidence grows. I'm excited about what classes I have seen and will see in the future!"

Erika Barriga, Illustrator + Designer

"When I quit my soul-sucking job, I decided to reset and needed to learn new skills to find my next path. I found Christine’s class and she changed my life. She was a great teacher, inspiring, solutions-focused and pragmatic. She made the craft seem simple and she helped remove all my fears of trying something new. I ended up co-creating an innovative children’s book that was then featured by Mashable, Fast Company, Adweek, CoolMomPicks, etc. THANK YOU Christine!"

Mara Lecocq, Creative Director, Secret Code Founder, #GirlBoss Contributer

"I found the concepts and process Christine taught in her class were very valuable to me when creating my art portfolio for graduate school. The skills I learned from her, such as how to portray the most essential characteristics of an animal or object, have carried over into my school work and current job. She offers thoughtful, constructive feedback, which helped take my scientific illustrations to the next level. I would recommend taking a course with Christine to other artists!"

Matan Berson, UX Designer

“The thing about Christine is that she is so approachable. As a teacher, she addresses her student as an equal, which in turn, allows the student to have confidence in her own ability.”

Paige Meredith Ray, Artist + Illustrator


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course begin and end?
The course is a completely self-paced online course—you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
You have lifetime access to everything, including all the videos, downloads, and bonuses!
Do you offer a refund or guarantee?
Yes! If, within 30 days, you are unsatisfied with the course, you can have a full refund. I do ask that you complete the entire course and most of the assignments before you make a decision though! It’s a process!
Do I get access all at once or do I have to wait?
You get access to everything the moment you enroll!
I’m not that good at drawing. Is this course for me?
I believe everyone can draw! And even if you think you can’t this sketchbook practice is the best way to learn. And actually, I think sometimes people who think they can’t draw end up being really good at drawing because they aren’t bogged down with thinking about all the rules they think they should be following!
Do I need special tools or materials for this course?
You’ll need a sketchbook and a few pens, pencils, and markers. There’s a full list included in the course, but nothing expensive is required, and you probably already have some of them! A sketchbook is about experimenting, so we actually do best with cheap tools so we aren’t afraid to use them up!
Do I need any software for this class? Will you be showing us how to edit/Photoshop art?
This class is all analog! We will only be drawing in our sketchbooks, and not digitally. You may want a camera and computer to take photos and share your sketchbook pages on the Private Facebook Group, but that’s not required!
Will this course show me how to make money as an artist?
No. This course is about finding your artistic style, and does not go into the strategies of making money from art.
I’ve been drawing a long time, and consider myself a skilled artist. Is this class for me?
I believe artists and their styles are always growing and changing, and can always benefit from experimenting and playing in a sketchbook. This course shows you how to implement a sketchbook practice, which I think is super valuable no matter where you are in your artistic journey. And if you already sketchbook regularly, I still think you’d benefit from going through all the drawing assignments, hearing new creative perspectives, and sharing your work with the community!
How much time do I need for this course?
There are a total of about 2.5 hours of video and 60+ assignments. The pace you complete the course is totally up to you! I recommend drawing every day during the course: watching one video and completing that videos assignment(s). If you watched one video + completed that video’s assignments each day from the day you enrolled, you would be finished in 38 days. But that might be rushing a bit! Plus, you’d still have all the bonuses too!
I have another question, who should I ask?
You can email me (Christine!) directly at: christine@mightcouldstudios.com

How much does it cost?

How much is Sketchbook to Style? You could try to figure it out on your own, spending hundreds of hours watching YouTube videos and small courses, floundering around.

You could go to art school, spending four years and +$168,000.

You could keep drawing on your own for 20+ years, just making slow progress.

OR you could save yourself years of frustration and thousands of dollars and enroll in the entire Sketchbook to Style Boot Camp guided system and get full access today for just $297.

How about a guarantee?

Sketchbook to Style Boot Camp comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. This is the biggest course I've ever made, and I take a lot of pride in the quality of my courses and I stand behind the concepts I teach. This process workedfor me, and if you put in the time and effort, I have the utmost confidence it will work for you too.

If, within 30 days, you are unhappy for whatever reason just email me and you will receive a full refund. I stand behind all Sketchbook to Style 100%.

Let’s Do This!

What's Included:

  • Access to 15 modules + 38 HD videos
  • Access to 60+ drawing assignments designed as a process to find your inner style
  • Lifetime access + updates
  • The Ultimate Sketchbook Assignment Checklist
  • Master Sketchbook Tools + Materials List
  • My Personal Book List for Crafting Your Own Art Education
  • Sketchbook to Style Boot Camp Private Facebook Group
  • My Decade of Sketchbooks Journey Video

Get started now!