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  Character Development

Time to find my characters! I always have some sort of vision of the characters from the beginning, but it isn't until now that I sit down to really figure out what they look like! It's also a process of trial and error, just drawing girl after girl (or whatever the character is) until... land on something that hits you upside the head and you suddenly whisper to yourself, "yesssss, I found her..."

Ok, so I found her, but now I have to make her consistent. What are her proportions? What kind of facial expressions does she make? How does she move? How does that weird jacket/hood thing move?


Then I did the same process to find her puppy friend! He turned out to be loosely based on the dog breed, Belgian Malinois, which are sometimes used for hunting mushrooms! Those little details make me happy even if no one who reads the book realizes them. I feel like they make a different in the feel of the story.